argy and mama January 31

Argy & Mama – “Who Am I?”

Germany-based dance act Argy & Mama leave the best first impression with their big push single “Who Am I?”. It’s a slice of house-y 90s pop perfection that we can see soundtracking almost every high street clothing retailer across Europe. I don’t see this becoming a huge chart success, but it’ll land Argy & Mama […]

dappy January 31

Dappy – “Beautiful Me”

I wanted to hate this. But I can’t. That’s down to the fact it’s a well-written and produced pop track, a la Sam Smith but a bit punchier. Dappy even pushes himself vocally, with a throaty pre-chorus and chorus that I originally thought was a featured singer. Credit to “The Dappy”, this could be a […]

guetta January 31

David Guetta – “Hey Mama (feat. Nicki Minaj, Bebe Rexha & Afrojack)”

David Guetta confirmed this week that “Hey Mama” will be the 4th single from his current album ‘Listen’. Featuring Nicki Minaj and Bebe Rexha (who will be credited) on vocals, with Afrojack co-production, it is a dance-pop-meets-trap club track we see lots of different radio stations eating up. The single version will be different to […]

the-veronicas January 31

The Veronicas – “Sugar Daddy”

“Sugar Daddy” is a lush midtempo pop-ballad from Australian popstars The Veronicas. We’re not sure if this is planned as a single from their upcoming re-release of their self-titled album, but it certainly deserves to be. It’s actually a track they recorded 2+ years ago that is only just making its way to release, so […]

peltsman-your-love January 31

Peltsman – “Your Love (feat. Kenny Thomas)”

British rapper/singer-songwriter Peltsman is one to note in 2015. He just needs the right tracks and a platform to crack into the mainstream. Breakthrough single “Your Love” is a promising start, reworking of Kenny Thomas’s original track “Thinking About Your Love”, with the 90s artist coming back to re-record his hook. At its core it’s […]

purdy January 31

Purdy – “Bye Bye Love”

Purdy is a very curious new singer-songwriter. As you’ll hear below with her single “Bye Bye Love”, her vocals and lyrics ooze with charisma and charm, over big band production work that would sound great live. It reminds me a lot of Shakira in her early years (though in English), with the production values of […]

stranger January 29

Jay Hayden & KingVodka – “Stranger”

I’m not going to pretend to know anything about Jay Hayden, but what I do know is he is a funny guy that has a popular Vine channel and recently used this single in one of his Vines. Jay has a very smooth pop-R&B tone to his voice. I particularly rate the songwriting on this track (from […]

flo-rida January 29

Flo Rida – “Girls’ Mine”

Following up his bona fide bop “G.D.F.R.”, Flo Rida has debuted new promotional single “Girl’s Mine”. It’s a really fresh house-pop-rap tune that is more or less a vocal version of 99 Souls’s recent “The Girl Is Mine (Beyonce Vs. Brandy & Monica)” bootleg mash-up. Flo spins the iconic hook to be about a man’s pride […]

Vicetone January 28

Vicetone – “What I’ve Waited For (feat. D. Brown)”

One of the best house-pop tracks since the genre started. If that’s not reason enough for record label Monstercat to get this sent out to major radio ASAP, we’re not sure what is. Dutch producers Vicetone are ones to watch out for – more like this please! I also strongly recommend subscribing to Monstercat’s YouTube […]

Marlon-Roudette January 28

Marlon Roudette – “When The Beat Drop Outs”

Marlon Roudette isn’t quite the newcomer British radio has made him out to be in recent weeks – much like Aloe Blacc’s career revival last year, Marlon has been around for quite a few years, and has had the success to show it. But “When The Beat Drops Out” is his first major release in […]


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